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Mail BOX Filter
Junk mails

Scans JUNK Unwanted Mails

Don't miss your important emails : Stay Productive. Concentrate on Work Mails.Due to large no of Junk e-mails your important client's messages may get lost you might looseimportant enquiry or purchase order mails that your client has sent to you.

Avoid clogging up your mailbox : ISP's provide a limited mailbox size of 5MB. Email messages both good and unwanted are increasing everyday.Keep your mailbox clean to avoid bouncing of important messages. Avoid Mail Traffic Jams.

Define Black List and Friend List : Lets you easily specify you Friend List(White List). Also blocks all senders in the Black List.

Save on your Internet and Phone Bills by 60% :
Deletes Junkmail directly from your ISP server. Software does not need to download the entire message to process. You can also manually preview messages directly of the server and delete them.

Save your productive Time and Money :
Save the time you waste in reading each and every mail and sorting and deleting unwanted messages.

Blocks Dangerous Attachments

Filters unwanted, dangerous, offensive

JUNK MAILS : Region Specific Rules

Software comes preloaded with Spam rules specific to your region (India).



Mail Traffic Control


Reduces VIRUS Infection
90% of VIRUS comes from Emails
VIRUS is a bug that harms your system
Email Scan- Filters for VIRUS
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