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Admin Console 5.0
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   Net Protector Admin Console -Total Security for Business Networks
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No File Description File Name Date Size
1 Net Protector 2016 Total Security Full Version
(Run this setup file on Server PC)
InstallNP2016.exe 18-Jan-16 277.59 MB
2 Admin Console Installer
(Run this exe only on Admin Console Server PC)
NPCorpEditionServer.exe 28-Mar-16 14.5 MB
3 Client Installer
(Run this exe on all client PC)
NPCorpClient.exe 15-May-15 1.40 MB
4 Admin Console Installation Guide   NPCorp_Install_Guide.pdf 05-Jan-15 1.34 MB
5 MSI Installer    
26-Sep-14 737 KB
6 Admin Console Apk AdminConsole.Apk 03-Jan-15 1.34 MB
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Net Protector
Admin Console
Works on all type of Networks with or without Server Operating System and Domain Controller.

Admin Console can be installed on any one PC of the network. Preferably with Windows Server Operating system.

Client Protection can be installed on All workstation or nodes of the Local Area network with following
Operating Systems :
Windows 2000 Prof, Windows XP Prof. / Home, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Server

All 32bit and 64bit Editions
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