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Installation Guide
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Installation File :
To install Net Protector 2015 you can copy single file 'InstallNP.exe' to your c: or d: hard disk drive and then double click to Install.

If Windows Installer Service is not running you can run 'Install NP 2015 Manually' from CD and then click Unzip. After manual installation you will have to create the desktop shortcut for the main program file :
'Quick Launch Menu.exe'.

Blue Tooth / Wireless Lan Cards :
If your PC or Laptop has a Blue tooth / wireless lan card then please disable these devices before taking the activation code for your PC. Alternatively, You can also re-start your PC is safe mode and then take activation, because in safe mode these devices will be temporarily off. To know how many LAN devices are on your PCs and their serial numbers run utility LanCard.exe from the CD.

Key Number and PC Name :
If you are installing Net Protector on more than one PC then separate Keys are required for each PC. Please note the PCs Name in front of the respective Key number. This same Key number and activation code is applicable even after formatting of PC. You can change the PC name, user name, e-mail id during activation. 

Renewals :
For renewal of your antivirus it is necessary to run Reset_Unlock_Code.reg from the CD to remove your old activation Code. Just un-installing the software will not remove the code stored in registry.

 Autorun Menu :

Autorun Menu

Manual Uninstallation :
If you are not able to uninstall net protector from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs then follow these steps to manually uninstall the software -
1. Stop Shield : Right Click Red Tray Icon of
    Zero-V Shield and click Exit
2. Delete Folder : C:\Program Files\Net Protector 2015
3. Windows Installer MSI Cleanup :
     Run the file from your CD : 
     E:\MSI\MSI REPAIR\MSICUU.EXE or click here
     Now click 'Net Protector 2015' and click Remove
     Now you can Install new version from CD

Viruses showing again in thorough Scan(Cleanup '.vir' Files on PC) :
Certain worms / trojans are quarantined by the anti-virus and a '.vir'  is added to the file extension. These files may keep showing again and again in thorough scan. You may safely find and delete all files of the type '*.vir'. You can automatically delete these files by running VirCleaner.exe utility from CD and select Delete option and click 'Start' button.

Viruses in 'System Volume Information' Folder :
To clear viruses in System Volume Information folder on xp/2000 pcs you can run the cln_sys_vol.exe utility from the CD

Stop Auto-Dialing :
If you are running Win XP and PC keeps dialing for Internet connection then run this utility and stop autodial option click here.

* Download NPAV User Guide 2015 Pdf Format

Works on Desktop OS
Windows Platforms  / Windows8
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